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We are Whitfords Tholmes Law Offices. We are based out of Liverpool, Great Britain. We are here to provide you all of your law needs. Whitfords was our founder and owner for many years. Even with his passing, we have left the name in order to honor his great legacy.

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Charged With DUI Again in California

When you have been charged more than one time with driving under the influence (DUI), it’s necessary that you hire a qualified and knowledgeable dui attorney. If you have already had a DUI or if you have multiple convictions for DUI on your driving history and you’re charged with another DUI, you’re regarded as being […]

A Real Estate Attorney For Purchasing

If you want to purchase a property and want your purchasing process to be completed without any hassles and problems, you must hire a good real estate attorney. These professionals are well aware of the demographics of the areas they operate and are capable of ascertaining the actual market worth of the properties in those […]

IMPORTANT Worker’s Compensation Tips

Though many people have heard of worker’s compensation insurance, there are many aspects of this security that people do not understand. Lack of knowledge can lead to difficult issues when deciding whether or not to choose this path after work-related damage occurs. Knowing your rights and protections under these laws beforehand is important, and will […]

Dealing with a divorce

Experiencing a divorce is a particularly tough time in our lives, and it should be managed insightfully. The tough thing about this is your previous lifestyle has finished, and you have to figure out how to go ahead and begin once more. Ordinarily, individuals are dreadful of what’s on the horizon. Thus they have to […]